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Most of us who chose the TERA Warriors is mainly for the classes’ brute strength, agility, the ability to get back on their feet once knocked down and so forth. As far as the Warrior is concerned, this class is quite different from traditional classes, or so I thought. From reading through online guides and information snippets, I got the idea the Warrior can act as a tank even if the class wields two deadly swords. Trying out this idea, my plan failed miserably realizing a little too late the Warrior is no tank, rather, the Warrior can defend themselves for so long until they are defeated. This proved this battle strategy did not work. Not quite sure what else to do, used my Warrior and charged head on. That failed too. Why? It comes down to several possibilities: no battle strategies, lack of equipment and lack of skill and ability understanding. It dawned on me a little too late when I realized my Warrior was dying a too often therefore, the consequence being, I was unable to reach the next level swiftly.

Performing some research on the Internet (and reading reviews), I came across http://www.killerguides.com/. At first glance, the website advertises game guides for a variety of famous titles some of which I played in the past. Checking out their TERA Online bundle and the rest of their guides, I skimmed through each description. I was slightly hesitant with it but for $29.99 USD and no shipping costs, I’d try my luck.

From early pages, the guide was laid out in a professional manner. Topics covered within the guide range from equipment, PvP, Instances, quests, missions and so forth. Clicking on the Quests section, I was directed to the page. Reading through the pages, I could tell early on the author knew what they were talking about upon naming quests, monsters and yields. Compared to other guides, the author took it a step further by writing down the amount of experience players can obtain from a quest.

Next, I headed over to the PvP section. The section introduced tactics which I applied to my gameplay. What was outstanding in this section is the fact the author researched effective strategies for PvP play, describing the recommended classes to in PvP and how to exploit each class to its full potential. Basically, the guide instructed me how to use healer and support classes effectively while hard hitters (Berserker, Lancer and Warriors) deal the brunt of the damage.

Nonetheless, the guide exceed my expectations. Not only did I gained valuable knowledge, I recently hit the level cap of 60 yesterday. Bottom line is this: Killer Guides’ Warrior Reference Book gets the job done thus, I strong believe this guide will become a valuable tool for everybody who wishes to achieve goals and enjoy gaming in TERA.

I suggest you check out their website and learn about their lifetime membership program which gives you access to Killer Guides’ entire library of guides all for the price of $129.99 USD.

Upcoming MMORPGs in 2013

With TERA losing a lot of Steam throughout 2012, it’s time to look at what the alternatives are for the coming year:

  • Defiance. A tie-in to a SciFi show on the awfully-named SyFy channel. I’m not sure if the number of MMORPG subscribers will boost the shows viewers noticeably. Maybe it’s more that people hope they can turn viewers into game subscribers instead of the other way round. Either way, port-overs from the game world to television rarely work out and I have my doubts that it’ll be different in this case. In case you disagree and want to find out more about how the tie-in actually works, head over to http://www.defianceguide.com/
  • The Elder Scrolls Online. Not much is known about this one. Yes, Skyrim was a big success. But will its MMORPG-equivalent do the same? And more importantly, how will the game be abbreviated? TESO? ESO? TES? TES Online? Questions over questions. Even a site that only promises to covers classes has nothing to show but three of them: http://www.elderscrollsonlineclasses.org/
  • Age of Wushu. My personal favorite. Massively called it the most awesome sandbox game you’ll never play. It’s one of the first Chinese titles that gets a serious effort at making it viable for Western audiences. Early rumors and beta reports hint at it being over-monetized with players getting nickle-and-dimed for everything … on top of a subscription! Here’s more on that: http://massively.joystiq.com/2012/12/28/age-of-wushu-is-probably-the-greatest-sandbox-youll-never-play/
  • Final Fantasy XIV: After the first installation of FFXIV tanked hard, this might be the first time an actual MMORPG can make a come-back from an awful launch. The hype press is going in overdrive and everyone seems abuzz at how much better the 2.0 version is. If you’re wondering how to get started, a good place would be to head over here.

So which one will be the WoW killer, which one the Age of Conan fiasco? It’s too early to tell. My money is on Elder Scrolls making the biggest splash in 2013, with Wushu being the one that’ll be on top 3 years from now.

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TERA Warrior Skills Walkthrough Part 1/4

This tutorial is going to cover the basics of TERA Warrior at level 32, whether you are looking to be a
competent Warrior or just want to learn how to destroy one in PvP. You have come to the right place.






Let us get started by showing each ability’s functionality followed by an example in live combat. This first ability is called Defensive Stance. While using this ability, your endurance is increased by 10% and you would generate 45% more aggro, although keep in mind that you will be losing 20 mana every two seconds while this ability is in effect. It is recommended this ability be used while tanking and while up against heavy hitters in PvP.






This next ability is called Assault Stance. Much like defensive stance, this ability will drain 20 mana every two seconds. You will gain 20% more strength and 40 additional crit, but be warned. You will also lose 15% of your own endurance. Use this ability with extreme caution in PvP.





This ability is the final buff that will get at level 32 gets. It is called Mangle. Similar to the last two buffs, this buff will diminish 10 mana every two seconds. This TERA Warrior Ability will put a debuff on your opponent that slows them after your fourth consecutive combo attack.






Combo Attack is your most basic attack. If pressed consistently, it will combo up to a maximum of four times. This ability calls no resources to use and generates mana rapidly when successfully landing.






The next ability is definitely one of the Warrior’s key tools to succeed in both PvE and PvP. Evasive Roll is an ability designed to dodge any attack if timed correctly. For those seeking advantage over Warriors, the time to strike is during the five-second cool down that the Warrior cannot dodge your attacks.






The next ability is an ability that makes you completely immune to all damage for a mere moment. Death From Above does exactly that with the addition of causing damage to nearby enemies. When executing this skill, the warrior will jump into mid-air, dodge any attacks, and slash an enemy with his ferocious strike!

TERA Warrior Skills Walkthrough Part 2/4

Now that we have covered the main utility moves of Warrior uses, let me briefly cover the four moves that a Warrior gets to increase their mobility.






The first is Charging Slash. This ability is nice, as it will sprint forward in any direction you choose and land a small attack if the charge is stopped by a monster. This is the best mobility move TERA Warrior gets by level 32.






Second, we have Pounce. This ability lunges the Warrior forward, doing a small attack and slowing your opponent for a short period of time. If you can manage to strike an enemy player with this attack, you are sure to keep them close by.






Third on the list is Combative Strike. This ability isn’t designed to provide much mobility and actually cost HP to use, but it leaves a nasty debuff on your enemy, reducing their endurance by 4.5%.

Last but not least, Leaping Strike. This ability will launch you a fair distance and does five times damage on knocked down opponents. This can be used for mobility and, well, if you have ever heard of kicking them while they are down, same thing except with swords!

TERA Warrior Skills Walkthrough Part 3/4

Next, some standard abilities will be discussed. These abilities are usually used when your main combos are on cool down and you need some additional DPS. Rain of Blows

 This ability is given to Warriors at a very low level. It provides steady damage and if glyphed properly would provide a small heal. This really helps in the leveling process, as Warriors truly do suffer without a healer while questing.






A quick note here, the ability being used after this Warrior is knocked down is called Retaliate. Every class in the game gets it. When you get knocked down, you jump to your feet and kick them in the teeth.

Have you ever wished that you had an ability that could literally one shot anyone? An ability that made your character completely overly powered? Well, this ability is nothing like that. Torrent of Blows is an ability designed for gaining additional aggro while your talk is on cool down.This ability also reduces the damage you take while performing it by 50%.






TERA Warriors get one damage over time ability by level 32. It is called Poison Blade. Its effect is pretty self-explanatory. It is recommend to use this ability on targets that are getting away from you or during long boss fights for extra damage.





Warriors have two very useful abilities with longer than average cool downs. These will be shown next. Battle Cry, an ability that not only taunts every monster around you, but also has a chance to stun them. This move is especially nice in PvP as it has a large radius and can stun players.

This next ability is a fun one, Smoke Aggressor. For the cost of both HP and mana, the Warrior spawns a shadow version of himself. This creature will automatically pull all threat off of you once it reaches the enemy monster. This is great in a tight situation.

TERA Warrior Skills Walkthrough Part 4/4

It is finally time to show off a Warrior’s combo abilities. These attacks have prerequisite abilities that are required to be used before you can execute them. A true master of Warrior will be able to use these combos to become a deadly killing machine.






This ability is known as Rising Fury. You can use it once and do a Two-Swing Attack. Use it twice in a row and perform a complete Three-Swing Attack. This ability not only damages when connecting, but also moves you forward while swinging, increasing mobility. It also reduces the damage you take by 20% while executing.






This next combo ability is only usable after the correct attack has been used first. Vortex Slash does a high damage AoE to everyone around the Warrior. This ability can only be activated first using Evasive Roll or Death From Above. When you see a Warrior use either of these two starter abilities, prepare to block or dodge quickly to avoid this powerful attack.







Traverse Cut, if this attack is used by itself, it strikes three times in front of the Warrior, leaving a stacking endurance debuff on the enemy. If Pounce or Combative Strike are used first, this ability strikes 13 times extremely fast, leaving the same debuff, stack 10 extra times. If you are facing a Warrior, this bad ass ability isn’t one to take lightly. Avoid it at all costs.

The final chain ability is called Blade Draw. Similar to Traverse Cut, if it is used by itself, it is a much slower attack. Keep in mind this is one of the strongest attacks a Warrior has to offer. So, performing it quickly is ideal. This ability can be chained with Traverse Cut, Vortex Slash, Charging Slash, or Rising Fury.

Now that you know every ability a Warrior gets by level 32, if you haven’t guessed it already, Warriors are not just limited to DPS class and TERA Online. They double as an invasion tank in dungeons and boss fights. It is said that Warriors are the hardest tank to get down and that it takes extra skill to be a successful Warrior tank. So, if you are a little crybaby who can’t handle the challenge, Warriors probably aren’t for you.

Become an Evasion Tanker with TERA Warrior

Who said that tankers have to wear massive armor and gigantic shield on his hand, so the heavy armor suit will protect the wearer from the incoming damage? TERA warrior opens the new world of tanker called “the evasion tanker” that do not need the large armor suit anymore. This video shows how impressive of TERA warrior can be and what the evasion tanker looks like.

TERA Warrior Strong Point

TERA is one of the newest and most innovative MMORPGs on the market today. The game blends cutting-edge graphics with a richly-detailed fantasy world and a dynamic combat system. One of the most popular classes for TERA is the TERA Warrior. This Warrior guide will focus on the class’s skills and basic gameplay principles.

The TERA Warrior leveling guide is a dynamic class that focuses on melee combat, diversionary tactics and speed. The TERA Warrior is among the fastest class in the game, able to deal swift and brutal amounts of damage in short order. The Warrior uses a rapid melee attack in combination with stealth and diversionary tactics to enter the fray of combat and deal as much damage as possible in a brief period of time. The Warrior is equipped with flexible leather armor and twin swords, perfect for dishing out damage as quickly as possible and retreating before the target can respond. Overall, the Warrior is a front-line, melee fighter designed to inflict heavy damage on an opponent at close range. The class works well in conjunction with healers, spellcasters and ranged damage dealers alike. It’s the perfect class for MMO players who enjoy being in the thick of combat and those who thrive in fast attacks and hit-and-run strategy.

The Warrior possesses a wide array of skills and abilities to excel in melee combat. With its focus on swordplay and speed, the Warrior is able to employ a number of skills designed to damage opponents outright and retreat before they respond effectively. Its Combo Attack skill increases the Warrior’s mana, granting it the ability to perform more attacks while the Evasive Roll skill is designed to dodge enemy attacks quickly. Yet another skill is Leaping Strike, which smashes an opponent downward while Backstab uses a quick, stealthy strike to temporarily immobilize and enemy. All in all, the Warrior possesses a staggering 58 skills and abilities, which include Cascade of Stuns, Deadly Gamble, Smoke Aggressor, Poison Blade, Pounce, Vortex Slash, Rising Fury, Blade Draw, Mangle, Traverse Cut, Death From Above and others (full Tera skills reference).

For gamers who enjoy dynamic combat, melee action and fast-paced gameplay, the Warrior is the prefect class. This TERA Warrior guide and others are designed to showcase the classes and skills of TERA, the hottest new MMO out there. For additional information about the Warrior and other TERA classes, check out the other TERA Warrior guide and other class guides online.

TERA Warrior Information

Planning to play TERA Online but can’t decide which character to play as? If you love playing with characters that deal remarkable amounts of attacks while having the luxury of not dying too quickly and easily in-game, then the TERA Warrior is the most suitable character for you. TERA, short for The Exiled Realm of Arborea, Online is an invigorating and exciting Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game that was designed and developed by Bluehole Studio and is published by En Masse Entertainment. If you’ve decided to take on a character belonging to the TERA Warrior class, here is a comprehensive TERA Warrior Guide you can count on to make your gaming experience a lot more enjoyable.

To kick things off with this TERA Warrior guide, what you should know is that this particular class is very dynamic and versatile when it comes to PVP and PVE. They wield dual blades and are quite impressive in melee attacks that pack devastating blows. In the game, it is the TERA Warrior’s way to dive into the middle of the battle and mow down enemies with their dual blades. Invulnerability while using the skill Evasive Roll means that the character can deal ample damage to hold down enemies while still being able to dodge and evade attacks and damages.

TERA Warrior characters are also able to sneak behind an enemy’s back after a roll and allow the warrior to deal damage from behind, before his enemy can even react and counterattack. TERA Warrior’s skills are all designed for quick movements and attacks that make it easier to hold the character while being able to avoid damage. Warriors in TERA Online rely mainly on their guile and their lightning fast speeds during combat. They combine grace and agility that enables them to effectively wield a weapon in each hand, attacking and defending synchronously in perfect harmony making them efficient and agile killers in the game.

Now going into their main skills. For their basic skills, warriors have the Combo Attack, Rushing Dodge, Blustering Strike and The Stunning Roar which is acquired during level 6. As they progress, TERA warriors will learn more high-leveled skills including Venomous Blow and Will of Iron. Using this TERA Warrior Guide, you will be able to use your character much more efficiently and strategically for Tera PVP and PVE success.

TERA Warrior Gameplay

Your double bladed TERA Online Warrior class is one who shouldn’t be underestimated. Hacking and slashing enemies away, the Warrior does it with a sophisticated elegance.